We’ve been busting to share this with you over the past few months and now the secret is out! On Thursday night we hosted a joint event with Secret Foodies.

Secret Foodies was launched in Sydney in early 2010 as a way of bringing foodies together through a unique culinary adventure. Meeting at surprise venues across Sydney, guests purchase a ticket unaware of where they’re going or whom they’ll meet until 2 hours before the event. They are then taken on a flavoursome food journey with the chef, learning about the philosophy and passion behind their meal.

Guests were greeted on arrival with a glass of champagne as they mingled and found a seat in the private terrace.

Members of the Bitton team have attended a few Secret Foodies events at other locations to get a taste of the experience from a Secret Foodies perspective.

So for something a little different, we opened the evening with a blind tasting. The trademark Secret Foodies masks were modified so that the eye holes were covered. Curiosity spread through the room as people wondering what was in store.

Every second person at the table was asked to put on their mask/blind fold. A bowl of Bitton Monkey Nut Chutney with some bread was placed on each table and the seeing guests fed the mystery food to their partner. David Bitton asked around the room for anyone who could name 4 ingredients.

The partners swapped roles and bowls of Bitton Black Olive Tapenade were presented. A French man correctly identified 5 ingredients. It’s amazing how the sense of taste is heightened when you can’t use your eyes. The winners each received a copy of Bitton – A French-inspired Cafe Cookbook.

Once we had a room full of teased palates it was time to start serving the Paris to Provence menu.


Mushroom and Vanilla Cappuccino Soup


Quail and Foie Gras Croquettes with French Lentils and Spinach with matching wine


Braised Baby Lamb Shank with Paris Mash and Green Salad with Hazelnuts with matching wine


Pear Tart Tartin with Lavender Crème Anglaise with matching wine

Petit Four

Petite Crème Brulee

Head Chef Stuart Masters was interviewed by one of the lovely Secret Foodies team members – Donna Freak. Stuart gave an insight into his career prior to Bitton, how he prepared the dishes especially for the Paris to Provence menu and what he likes to Eat, Drink and do for Play.

David also gave away gift vouchers to the winners of a food related quizz and lucky draw. It was great to see so many new faces at Bitton and we hope everyone enjoyed the event.