David Bitton

David Bitton

David Bitton is the Owner and Managing Director of The Bitton Group.  A French- born and trained chef, his career has spanned over 35 years in fine dining establishments around the world. David's philosophy and approach to food and ultimately his business, is to provide people with a feeling of coming home, of being able to relax and enjoy their meal in the company of family and good friends.

As a child, David's mother would cook for large numbers of people. Not for a special occasion, instead for the company and enjoyment that comes with the preparing and eating of seasonal produce with the people she loved. The Bitton venues are created with that sense of ‘open house’. David's philosophy is reflected in every facet of his business. People from all walks of life are welcomed at the café that has become a community hub and sanctuary. You will always walk away feeling special.

David's career has taken him all over the world however it was serindipity that lead him to Australia.  It was here that he met his wife and business partner, South African born Sohani .  Together they forged successful careers in the hospitality world however took a huge leap of faith and gave it all up to start their own little coffee shop in what was then a very industrial Alexandria. What has followed so far is a fascinating story of success in a notoriouly difficult industry.  Both David and Sohani will admit that the story so far has not been without its challenges however those experiences have only fuelled their big plans for the future.

David as a Speaker

David is a regular on the speaker circuit with his unique insight into "Cooking up a Brand" - how to create a big brand culture within a small business.

Having arrived in Australia with nothing more than $1000 and a suitcase, he will take you through his journey so far and how he built Bitton from a tiny 10 seater café into a group of café and bistros, product range, consultancy business and his big plans for the future.

Drawing on both success and oversight, David talks of his professional and personal highs and lows with humour, depth and honesty. 

School Educationals

David hosts groups of students regularly at his cafes. Whether studying French, Marketing or Business, students hear a little of David's business story and then order breakfast or lunch (in French if they can!).

It's a unique excursion - entertaining, educational and loved by students, teachers and David!