Bitton x Magimix

Magimix, the inventors of the food processor have announced David Bitton as its new brand ambassador in celebration of their 50 year anniversary. David’s impressive background in the culinary industry fits perfectly with Magimix’s rich French heritage. Both Magimix and David have strong reputations and are trusted names when it comes to food.

“I am proud to join Magimix as the brand’s ambassador. Their rich heritage and commitment to quality are incomparable. I am excited to work together to be able to bring Australians closer to their love for food and easy, quality cooking,” says David Bitton.

David joins the list of notable chefs who have also been ambassadors for the brand, including Paul Bocuse, one of the most prominent names in the French culinary world.

“We are thrilled to have David Bitton as our brand ambassador,” says Magimix Australia Managing Director Wivina Chaneliere. “Our values could not be more aligned, making this a partnership that was always meant to be. Together, we aim to inspire and encourage Australians to create their own culinary masterpieces or simply make fresh, home-cooked meals.”

As the Magimix brand ambassador, Australians can expect to see David at Magimix events, special events at partner retail stores and on their online channels.

Brioche x Bitton

David is proud to be the ambassador of Brioche as

"a french- born and trained chef, my unwavering commitment to the finest ingredients extends to my burgers.

Crafted in the countryside of western France and made with love & an inimitable French know-how, these light and buttery Brioche Buns offer unrivalled softness, fluffiness, and a subtle sweetness that complements my burgers perfectly."

Perrier x Bitton

David chooses Perrier to serve in his bistros as the pertfect accompaniment to his French cuisine and the ideal palate cleanser. We have worked with this Frech brand throughout the past years in a social media ambassadorship as well as co-hosting culinary events.

Other brands we have worked with

We have worked in many different capacities to support the brands we love.

These have included Le Creuset, Kleemaid and Australian Pears.

David is a passionate French born and trained chef and businessman with a unqiue, energic personality and a longevity and integrity in the restaraunt industry that is hard to find. With excellence in service service being at the forefront of everythig he does, David is all about relationships and would love to hear how he can work to help promote your brand.