Supply Chain & Distribution

Supply Chain

An efficient supply chain system and effective logistics strategy are integral to the success of any business. Supply chain and logistics activities move products or services from supplier to manufacturer, to retailer and ultimately to the consumers. We will develop a plan that works for you and ensures a smooth transition into each of these sectors. By having the right supply chain system and logistics strategy in place, your business can save costs, improve delivery efficiency and increase competitiveness.


Selecting and managing your distribution channels is key to your marketing mix, and integral to the successful operations of your business.

It is all very well to have an amazing product with a well-recognised brand, clever PR and a reasonable pricing however if they can’t get their hands on it, your hard work is wasted.

Choosing the right distribution channel for your business is critical, and ensuring you understand the process and have a documented agreement will assist in the development of a mutually beneficial relationship.

We can advise you on:

- Distribution platforms nationally and internationally

- Transport Solutions

- Warehousing advice

- Logistics

Please note that Bitton is not a distributor and will not be able to warehouse your product.

Our Portfolio

  • Lah-Lah

    "We found working with Camilla and Sohani from Bitton Consulting to be exactly what our company needed. Mapping out key goals and working out exactly how our team worked was one of the most useful things we’ve ever done. Our business had a clearer sense of direction and we knew where we were heading and what we we were actually trying to achieve. Thank you so much :)"

    Mark and Tina Harris

  • Delhi 'O' Delhi

    "Bitton Consulting, and in particular David, has been an integral part of the expansion of my business - Delhi ‘o’ Delhi.  David has been a business mentor and friend and I have rarely made a business decision without his advice.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him and his team to any business in this industry wanting to recover, improve or grow with success."

    Javed Khan

  • Hidden Italy

    "Thank you Camilla and Sohani for your expertise and your generosity. It was always a pleasure to catch up and, as I said before, it was very stimulating, and a great discipline to have regular structured meeting with follow up and planning. Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our business and we wish BC every success in the future and do not hesitate recommending their service to any small to medium business."