A recent health ’hiccup’ has made me reflect on the importance of balance when it comes to three of life’s essential ingredients – lifestyle, family and indulgence.

My lifestyle has recently been monitored by a beautiful woman called Anthea Koullouros. Working from her OVViO Organic Lifestyle Store in Paddington, Anthia is an inspiration with her unique philosophies on health and her core theory that we should eat what the human body is designed to eat, rather than what is marketed to us. I have found her advice invaluable as have many close friends and colleagues to whom I have recommended her. She is also incredibly personable and draws you in through her passion and no nonsense approach to helping you achieve health and happiness.

As for family, the accolade for it's recent success has to go to Mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue. In my last blog I mentioned that my son Mayen was about to be put up for sale on EBay – this is the lady that changed our minds. She came into what was fast becoming a house without sense following many a sleepless night and sorted us all out. The care she put into not only the newborn, but also the rest of the family was incredible. Thank you Chris for ‘saving’ us all from what was becoming a very consuming situation!

And now to my favourite ...indulgence ... something I have to say that I am a little well known for over doing! I recently discovered a new vice in the form of a chocolate experience like no other .... enjoyed at Boon in Darlinghurst. On my wife’s birthday last month we visited this new boutique store owned by brother and sister team Alex and Fanny Chan. We enjoyed a hot chocolate made with their own praline and chocolate mousse that was quite simply one of the most indulgent experiences I have ever had. The long wait was worth it as they obviously made it fresh with incredible ingredients and whole lot of love – WOW.

I promise you – this was in no way a ploy to advertise ... these 3 people and places have had a huge influence over me in the last few months and I personally wanted to take the time to thank them.

Hmmm...my only problem now is how do I explain to Anthea and my wife the need to escape from the bub and the detox and head down to Boon for a Milk Chocolate Frappe!

Until next time ....