I am not usually one to watch TV let alone become mildly addicted to a reality TV show, however the current series of Masterchef has me hooked. Whenever possible, I return home in time to sit and pick to pieces the contestants, the judges and of course the food that is cooked. Over all, I am impressed.

It is hard to define my addiction – perhaps it is the pain and sympathy that I feel for the contestants as they produce a Croque en bouche that has sagged, or the sheer anger I feel as the judges even attempt to ‘master class’ skills that take years to perfect. Whatever feeling this program provokes, I am finding it very entertaining!

I have for years held my own very small cooking classes which have been a great success. I like to think they are booked so far in advance because of the fact that the dishes are simple, the ambiance comfortable and the teaching informative and entertaining. My one criticism of Masterchef is that in their ‘master classes’ held by the judges, the dishes seem unapproachable, unrealistic and even a little arrogant. For prime time television I think they should be a lot more ‘friendly’.

It concerns me that we actually deal with this arrogance on many levels in our industry – particularly with the food media. The power that they wield can make or break any establishment – to me this seems incredibly unfair given that it is based on the opinions of only a selected few. Personally, I feel that some of these selected few are not experienced in world dining or food etiquette and are filling a job that is far beyond their capabilities.

Until next time ...