Bitton turned 11 today and we decided to take a walk down memory lane.

2000 - 2001

David and Sohani make the transition from their successful careers to open Bitton Cafe in what was the shell of an old butcher’s shop.

The GST is introduced which puts extra pressure on business owners.

Bitton started to produce it’s own branded range of products out of David and Sohani’s tiny home kitchen in Copeland St.


Bitton is in financial trouble and about to close down until a family member’s loan helps to keep the doors open.


A contract was won to produce 1,200 hampers of 3,600 Bitton products.

Every mistake was made in the process of fulfilling the hamper order – from purchasing ingredients to freighting the goods. This huge learning experience helped shape the future success of the business.

Andy (our now Cafe Manager) joined the team at Bitton as a kitchen hand.

The Bitton range of products is introduced in Selfridges UK.

David and Sohani’s daughter Monet Maya Bitton was born.


David Jones Food Hall was launched with the Bitton range on the shelves next to the likes of Maggie Beer, Tetsuya Wakuda and Stefano De Pieri.

Camilla Gill (Sales and Marketing Manager) joined Bitton.


We celebrate 5 years since opening.

David collaborated with Maggie Beer, Tetsuya and Charmaine Solomon to produce the 4 chef’s gift box and over 2,000 units were sold.


Camilla Gill put the Bitton product range on the map throughout the nation and in Hong Kong and the US.


The cafe underwent an extension and tripled in size.

David joins EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation).

Interesting stats:

From 5kg to 55kg coffee per week, 2 to 15 employees, 2 cases to 2,700 eggs per week.


The Bitton Room was created.

We witnessed rapid growth in the area with the arrival of the Technology Park, Channel 7 and Pacific Magazines offices.


Bitton joined the social media revolution

David joined the EO (Entrepreneurs Organisation) board, Sydney Chapter.

David and Sohani’s son Mayen Matisse Bitton is born.


Bitton – A French-inspired Cafe Cookbook is launched with the foreword penned by Maggie Beer and 60,000 copies are pre-sold through corporate channels.

Bitton undergoes re-branding and a product relaunch.

We held a red carpet party to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

Interesting stats:

Bitton product range is sold in 450 stores around Australia.


Bitton Consulting is launched.

Social media is booming.

Georges Bitton passed away.