I first met Rachael Finch in 2009 when she entered a competition at Bitton. She won a private cooking class with me! How lucky am I?! Coincidently Rachael was in the midst of preparing for Celebrity Masterchef and she is a self confessed 'foodie'. On the back of the #tenyearchallenge we thought it would be fun to revisit that time and ask Rachael a few questions about her food journey so far. 

First a little more about Rachael. She is the poster girl for a wholesome, holistic life. Rachael balances her duties as a mum with her professional career as a TV presenter, business owner, author and leading health and wellness advocate. As host and presenter for the Seven Network since 2010, Rachael has presented across a diverse suite of shoes, including the Spring Racing Carnival, the Australian Open, the Olympic and Commonwealth Games and the Brownlow Medal red carpet. She’s also recently been named as a host for House of Wellness TV. 

Along with being the face of MYER, Rachael has also extended her business and fitness journey by establishing her own BODY by Finch online wellness program, and also launched the B.O.D by Finch activewear range designed for women that is comfortable, supportable and neutral to empower women to feel happy, healthy and strong.  


You met David almost 10 years ago when he gave you some cooking lessons for Celebrity Masterchef. Is there one thing he taught you then that you still use today?

  • There sure is! David taught me the mango hack, which is using a drinking glass to remove the skin from the mango cheek. I’ve used that practice at home ever since, and share it on my channels a lot. It’s proven to be a great and popular trick!

What is your favourite Bitton product and how do you use it? (perhaps we could suggest that you could add one of our products to an existing recipe you have an we could share it with our audience?)

  • We love Bitton’s Monkey Nut Chutney - a delicious condiment that combines coriander, mint, tamarind and chilli to add spice to any dish – especially fish and chicken dishes.

You live a very busy life and have an admirable commitment to healthy habits.  What are your 5 top tips for maintaining a healthy diet?

  • Routine, routine, routine!
  • Active meditation
  • Do something just for you each day
  • Essential oils
  • Turning tech off an hour before bed

What would a typical Tuesday night dinner at home look like for you?

  • My days can be so incredibly different, but I usually like to whip up an easy to make meal from the BODY by Finch program, which can be on the table in less than 30 minutes. Some favourites are chicken skewers, grilled salmon or a good steak with potato and vegetable. Simple, healthy and delicious. 

Are you a cookbook reader or user?  What’s your favourite cookbook?

Is there one thing that you would NEVER eat?

  • Not so much a thing, but a type. I’ll never eat from or at fast food chain outlets. There’s no benefit to eating overly processed, non-nutritious food.

What is the Rachael Finch signature dish?

  • It changes seasonally! It’s so warm and balmy at the moment; I love my Smoothie bowls. I include things like spinach, banana, chia seeds, nut butter, coconut milk and cacao nibs. Delicious!

If you could eat one country’s cuisine which would it be?

  • Japanese – I love how fresh and creative it is.

You have two gorgeous children, one of whom has just started school – what are your lunchbox staples?

  • I do my best to make and provide them with macro-balanced foods with a good mix of fruit, grains, proteins and sauces. It could include left over chicken and lamb, as well as eggs, vege sticks and clean treats from the BODY by Finch program. I aim to change it up daily depending on what they feel like, and what we have left over.  

What was your favourite dish that your Mum used to make?

  • A beautiful and delicious Ukrainian dish called Borscht. It’s a soup that includes beetroots as a main ingredient, giving it a distinctive red colour; you can also add chicken and lots of vegetables like potato. Feel like I’m home whenever I eat it.

What’s your comfort food?

  • Dark chocolate and baby chat potatoes! Yum.

David’s favourite kitchen piece is a knife he bought last year while travelling in Japan. Is there one piece of equipment in your kitchen that you could not do without?

  • Definitely my Vitamix Blender! Sometimes I can use it up to twice a day – most definitely the best investment I’ve made in the kitchen.

Do you have a favourite ‘on the run’ snack?

  • I love clean treats from the BODY by Finch program, especially our Choc peanut truffles! Another favourite is Melrose Almond Nut Butter on rice cakes with a pinch of sea salt, and whole pieces of fruit.

The top thing on David’s foodies bucket list is to dine at Maddison 11 in New York. What’s on your foodie bucket list?

  • Not so much a restaurant, but more a cuisine. Crete, Greece, is on the bucket list and I’d love to discover and explore food in the environment, on the island.

Your Last Supper.  Who would be there?  Where would it be held?  What would be on the menu?

  • I have family all over the world, so I’d bring them all together at a big round table and make all the classic food that we grew up on.