We have been watching with great interest the roll out of the new television series Recipes to Riches.  Having never truly understood why music artists become quite irate at the seemingly quick rise to success through reality shows such as XFactor and Idol, we now understand where their angst comes from.Through our own consultancy business, Bitton Consulting, passionate foodies, chefs, cooks come to us with a dream of launching a product range and we help them make it a reality.  This is done with the careful incubation of not only the product itself but all the other vital elements of building a brand in what is a market saturated with celebrity chef’s labels, gourmet food products and endless options on more everyday items. Bitton Consulting was born out of our experiences building our own brand, launching and maintaining it in this difficult market.  We have made almost every mistake along the way and assist start up labels as they go through the same motions as we did almost 15 years ago.Through that process we have created relationships and positioning through hard work, perseverance and most importantly, without needing a huge budget for advertising or PR support.To have been fast tracked straight onto the supermarket shelves seems like a dream however we can’t help wondering what happens after the series goes to air?  Who supports the brand in its growth, its need for constant reinvention, marketing, sales support, manufacturing, but there is so much more to it – so much more that you cannot learn overnight.  We wish those winners only the very best but also encourage those with a dream to not be disheartened .. .there other ways to bring it to a reality … with longevity too.bittonconsulting.com.au