Mulga Street Fair

Wednesday 27 November 2019

There's only one place to stop and eat - Bitton Oatley! Check out our delicious family friendly menu for the fair!


Bitton Mulga Street Fair


Truffle Burger , Cheese, Salad, Sauces (build your own) $10

Mrs Singh’s Prawn Burger $12

Vegetarian Burger, Salad, Sauces (build your own) $10

French Profiteroles with Hot Chocolate Sauce $3 each

Champagne by the glass $5

Bitton’s Cocktail in a Jar $10

For the Kids


Grilled Chicken Burger $8

Popper Juices $5

PLUS all our individual products and hampers will be ON SALE for that night only!  Don't miss out!


You can book online here.

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