Dining Around the World - Greece

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Next stop is Greece!


We continue our Dining Around the World Dinner series with the traditional food of GREECE!


Greek Mezze Plate - Dips, Olives, Flat Bread

Spanakopita - Spinach and Fetta in Filo Pastry with Tzaziki

Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Lemon, Garlic and Oregano Roasted Potatoes, Greek Salad and Flat Bread

Baklava Cigar with Toasted Pistachio and Pistachio Ice Cream

Coffee Tea and Melomakarona (a delicious Greek cookie)

$70 per person prepaid


Followed by England on Tuesday 7th May at 7pm, Japan on Tuesday 4th June at 7pm, Indian on Tuesday 2nd July at 7pm


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